The Rise of the People Strategy Platform, By Josie Sutcliffe

“Now, more than ever, the corporate strategy for large companies hinges on the people strategy.”  Josie Sutcliffe, VP, Marketing

5th Annual Inclusion Summit

4th Annual Inclusion Summit

4th Annual Inclusion Summit Developing the Strategy and seeing it through – Miami, FL, April 20 2016 – TMA’s 4th Annual Inclusion Summit is now open for registration!  This…

Unlock the Value of Your High-Potentials

Please Login or Register for Free to view this video. Summary High-potential employees are 91% more valuable to organisations than non-HIPOs, yet 73% of high-potential programmes yield no…

Identifying the 21st Century High Potential: A Unique Combination of Skills and Performance

What does it mean to be High Potential in today’s talent environment? Do organizations have the right leaders and managers to grow high potential talent?

Developing and Empowering Your Future Leaders with a Self-Directed Learning Strategy

We’ve entered the content curation era. The number of learning resources has exploded, and content is readily available and easy to access. 85% of employees do not feel the training they are getting at work is preparing them for their next position, so they’re taking learning into their own hands

Six Proven Practices for Developing Self-Aware Leaders

Please Login or Register for Free to view this video. Summary Our work constantly challenges us to find faster and better ways of doing things – to reinvent….

SkillSurvey Rant: Job References from Worthless to Priceless

Reference Checking: You’re Probably Doing it All Wrong We hate old school-reference checking. It’s almost a total waste of time. Even worse, it prevents HR departments from doing…

Disability Talent Attraction & Retention & AT&T

Please Login or Register for Free to view this video. Summary In this session we will take a closer look at disability inclusiveness within your organization. Join this…

Transforming an Industry Leader Into a Customer‐Focused Organization

 For  senior leaders who want to improve execution and deliver  results, Axiom Consulting Partners is a trusted advisor that                  helps them understand their situation more deeply, make  choices with wisdom and take action more decisively. We help clients create and maintain better linkages among  their strategy, organization design and talent. They value  working with us because we listen more than tell, act rather  than just recommend and deliver solutions that leave a  lasting impact. About the Authors Aaron Sorensen, a partner with the firm,…

Learn How Cisco Leverages Flexible Work Practices to Increase Engagement.

Please Login or Register for Free to view this video. Summary Scenario Planning Panel Discussion Applying Scenario Planning to create robust, adaptive, resilient and transformative talent strategies. Traditional…