4th Annual Inclusion Summit

4th Annual Inclusion Summit Developing the Strategy and seeing it through - Miami, FL, April 20 2016 - TMA’s 4th Annual Inclusion Summit is now open for registration!  This event will take place August 22nd- 23rd at the Hyatt Regency Reston Hotel in Reston, VA. The 4th Annual Inclusion Summit will feature insightful and practitioner led sessions that will enable diversity and Inclusion professionals to…

Transforming an Industry Leader Into a Customer‐Focused Organization

 For  senior leaders who want to improve execution and deliver  results, Axiom Consulting Partners is a trusted advisor that                  helps them understand their situation more deeply, make  choices with wisdom and take action more decisively. We help clients create and maintain better linkages among  their strategy, organization design and talent. They value  working with us because we listen more than tell, act rather  than just recommend and deliver solutions that leave a  lasting impact. About the Authors Aaron Sorensen, a partner with the firm, is a psychologist with a background in statistics and advanced analytics who brings unique insight to organization, leadership and workforce issues that impact profitability and constrain growth. He is known for his ability to develop innovative yet…


Building Culture

In an interview with Norm Sabapathy, Executive Vice President of People for The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited we discuss culture as a management discipline and how it can be architected to affect organizational behaviour. Norm will be a session presenter on Day 2 of the Canadian Talent Management Summit May 5th and 6th, 2014. Below is the Original Article from ARCHYTECT™ A Feature Post for the 4th Annual Canadian Talent Management…


At Full Velocity: Executive Effectiveness in a Transitory C-Suite

Insuring your effectiveness and longevity as a CEO requires serious reflection on important questions, including: Are you creating an open and honest relationship with your board? Have you established a long-term vision? Are you charting career paths for high-potential executives? Are you relentlessly striving for excellence? Volatility, change and turnover are facts of life in the C-Suite. Certain factors can be controlled, others cannot.…