The impact of student loan benefits on your employees.

Everything you need to know about how student loan benefits can affect employee recruitment, engagement and retention. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN - The struggle of student debt is real - How employee benefits should be involved - ROI for student loan benefits - How to offer student loan benefits      SoFi is a new kind…


How Hospitals are Helping Employees Tackle Medical School Debt

  "Student loan-repayment programs have multiple benefits: they are a nice enhancement to a base compensation, they set organizations apart from competitors and they provide a valuable attraction tool"           Win the battle for talent with strategic tuition assistance and student loan repayment programs. EdAssist® has helped more than 80 hospital…

01 Nov 2016

4th Annual Inclusion Summit

4th Annual Inclusion Summit Developing the Strategy and seeing it through - Miami, FL, April 20 2016 - TMA’s 4th Annual Inclusion Summit is now open for registration!  This event will take place August 22nd- 23rd at the Hyatt Regency Reston Hotel in Reston, VA. The 4th Annual Inclusion Summit will feature insightful and practitioner led sessions that will enable diversity and Inclusion professionals to…

The Complete Guide to Assessments

Learn to Use Assessments for Better Hiring and Development Assessments are among the most powerful tools available to HR professionals to make better hires and quantify leadership capabilities. However, you have to know the best practices before your efforts will pay dividends. This whitepaper will give you: ✓ Questions to consider – when adding assessments…


Government responses to oil prices to impact supply

GlobalData advises governments to adopt fiscal regimes that respond to the cyclical nature of oil prices. Governments’ responses to low oil prices will have a significant effect on supply dynamics for years to come, depending on whether fiscal regimes are adjusted to provide a landscape in which companies can make big development decisions,…


BP Energy Outlook 2035 expects energy demand growth

  BP's Energy Outlook 2035 shows growth in the energy market despite current market weakness. Despite the dramatic weakening in global energy markets, ongoing economic expansion in Asia, particularly in China and India, will drive continued growth in the world’s demand for energy over the next 20 years. Global demand for energy is…