Developing and Empowering Your Future Leaders with a Self-Directed Learning Strategy

We’ve entered the content curation era. The number of learning resources has exploded, and content is readily available and easy to access. 85% of employees do not feel the training they are getting at work is preparing them for their next position, so they’re taking learning into their own hands

How HP Motivates Their Employees to Embrace the Employee Referral Program

A successful employee referral program solicits candidates from existing employees who know the workplace culture and job requirements.

Healthcare in 2016: Building a Targeted Talent Acquisition Strategy to Combat Looming Challenges

The US healthcare market is undergoing unprecedented regulatory, financial and competitive disruption. Care providers’ roles are changing rapidly, and mainstay healthcare delivery strategies that were successful in the past will not suffice in the future.

Upscale Your Candidate Interviews: Cut out the Noise & Focus on the Right Questions

Candidates will always (hopefully) put their best foot forward when interviewing for a prospective job they are interested in. On paper, and possibly in person, they will appear to be your next super-star and you would never hire someone you thought couldn’t perform.

Tips and Tricks to Make Twitter an Effective Recruiting and Engagement Tool

Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, in which you typically have a personal and/or professional relationship preceding the connection or friend request, Twitter enables you to establish connections with a…

Communicate your Employer Brand Authentically through Social Media

Your brand is the reputation your organization has in the market place as an employer; a reputation that’s been established by your past and current employees. But don’t…

Six Proven Practices for Developing Self-Aware Leaders

Our work constantly challenges us to find faster and better ways of doing things – to reinvent. Yet, the speed of business pushes leaders to maintain a pace…

The Complete Guide to Assessments

Learn to Use Assessments for Better Hiring and Development Assessments are among the most powerful tools available to HR professionals to make better hires and quantify leadership capabilities….

Government responses to oil prices to impact supply

GlobalData advises governments to adopt fiscal regimes that respond to the cyclical nature of oil prices. Governments’ responses to low oil prices will have a significant effect on…

SkillSurvey Rant: Job References from Worthless to Priceless

Reference Checking: You’re Probably Doing it All Wrong We hate old school-reference checking. It’s almost a total waste of time. Even worse, it prevents HR departments from doing…

Developing Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence – The Key to Driving ROI

As organizations are increasingly reliant on managers and executives who can do more with less, critical questions are being raised about what steps are necessary to develop such…