Coaching Employees for High Performance

01 Jun 2017

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This research is a collaboration by Fuel50 and Quantum Workplace, discussing how and why your talent wants the opportunity to learn and grow within your organization.

Today more than ever, offering opportunities for professional development and career growth is critical to engaging and retaining productive and high-performing employees.

In the last six years, the survey item, “I see professional growth and career development opportunities for myself in this organization” has become a more important driver of engagement.Coaching employees is truly HR’s #1 tool for employee training, development, and performance management.








Fuel50 Factors is a partner in our 2017 Employee Experience Summit

We’re a lean, incredibly talented company full of super skilled people, spanning across over six countries. We’ve got a really strong Fuellie culture and, despite our company’s young age, we’ve already got a great history and huge ambitions!

Fuel50 is a young company at heart but has been able to attract incredible talent across the business and to the board. We have a lean, hungry, motivated team and are building a unique Fuellie culture focussed on being fun, fast and fantastic.

We believe in living our vision and values and run the business on 90 day sprints which everyone buys into, locks into, and celebrates when we achieve our milestones.

We are a business not afraid of hard work and commitment to a vision. Our Fuellies are super ambitions, passionate people charged with taking Fuel50 to the next phase of international growth.