Operationalizing Engagement

23 Aug 2016

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We’ve all heard the statistic from Gallup – 70% of change initiatives fail. This statistic is used by consulting companies, product
companies, training companies and people in organizations across the globe. But what does it really mean? What is the context of
failure? And in whose eyes do the initiatives fail?






POPin gives your employees a voice, no matter what level or position they are in your organization, so your toughest business questions get answered in the fastest and most accurate way possible.  We equip leaders to quickly implement decisions with the buy-in of the teams doing the work because those doing the work always know the truth of the matter.  It just wasn’t safe for them to tell you.

POPin is a crowdsolving platform that drives success for a company’s initiatives through the intimate engagement of its employees, partners and clients.

Selected initiatives are then CrowdSolved with specific discussions to deliver timely and innovative impact to relevant corporate objectives. These discussions can then be used by your organization to successfully implement new initiatives.  Visit www.popinnow.com for more information and to schedule a session.  

POPin is a partner in our 2016  Total Employee Engagement Summit