The Leadership, Enhancement & Acceleration Program

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The gap is growing between the demand for future HR leaders and development programs tailored to supporting performance breakthroughs. High potentials have displayed the aspiration to meet this demand, but often express frustration with the resources available for guidance, practical learning, and alignment with their organizational career paths.

McLean & Company has designed the Leadership Enhancement and Acceleration Program (LEAP) to develop your future HR leaders. This program is founded on a unique set of experiences, based on adult learning principles, including peer to peer learning and continuous reinforcement of lessons from reviewing work projects and initiatives. LEAP is focused on building capabilities in leadership, talent management, innovation, analytics, and executive engagement.

LEAP spans three years including six in-person sessions with high performing professionals from various organizations. No other program matches its ability to nurture key skill improvements and professional networks, nor engage and retain your most valuable HR contributors. To learn more, view our LEAP Program Outline