Developing Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence – The Key to Driving ROI

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As organizations are increasingly reliant on managers and executives who can do more with less, critical questions are being raised about what steps are necessary to develop such leaders. The domino effect of great leadership has repercussions in an organization’s ability to attract and retain key talent, increases productivity and supports more robust talent management.This ground breaking research conducted in the spring of 2013 by MHS and HCI, further explores how Emotional Intelligence is a crucial differentiator between good leaders and great ones and positively influences the bottom line. The changing leadership competencies required for success today demand that we better understand how Emotional Intelligence manifests in leaders, and whether those skills affect performance through consistent and focused assessments and evaluations.



Don’t miss these takeaways:

  • Determine how Emotional Intelligence is defined by organizations and the impact it has on leadership development
  • Find out which leadership behaviors and skills that are most tied to financial performance
  • Learn the most effective ways to integrate Emotional Intelligence in your organization



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