Six growing roles and the 55 skills they have in common


This updated industry report is a refresh of College for America’s original 2013 workforce strategy report, “The Rise of the Medical Assistant—and five other frontline and nonclinical healthcare jobs that are growing in number, complexity and importance.”


Report highlights:

► With 21,965,600 workers in the healthcare industry projected by 2022, it’s the largest segment of the United States economy.

► Nonclinical, community and social service, and support positions comprise 42 percent of the healthcare workforce.

► Both frontline and nonclinical workers are expected to operate as a part of a high-functioning team by expertly communicating with patients, families, and peers.

► The shift to team-based patient care and an increased focus on the patient experience demands more complex skills sets of nonclinical and frontline workers. (See report for details)

► Six of today’s fastest-growing frontline and nonclinical healthcare jobs are: patient representative, community health worker, medical records technician, office supervisor, medical office specialist, and medical assistant.

► The workforce strategies team at College for America has reviewed 250 detailed work activities in these positions and identified 55 that are common to most of these fast-growing positions (see page 7 for details).

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