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Succession Planning ConferenceMiami (June 19, 2014) Today, the Talent Management Alliance (TMA), shared additional details about its upcoming 2014 Succession Planning Summit. The event is to be held at Tuscany Suites & Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada on November 3rd – 4th, 2014. The 2nd Annual Succession Planning Summit will examine the evolution of succession planning. Industry experts will share their experiences within the areas of workforce planning, career management, leadership development, high impact technologies and high potential assessment & development that can drive increased productivity and business excellence in your organization.

Succession planning is one of the most difficult challenges associations face in this era of organizational management. Few events in the life of an association are as critical, visible, or stressful as when the leader leaves. Leadership transition is an integral process that begins long before the outgoing leader departs, and it presents a remarkable opportunity to move forward with a new understanding of the complexities, challenges, and changes the organization must address.

Adding to this complexity is the pressure coming from the growing talent mismatch. This will intensify as demand continues to grow for workers with leadership and specialized skills and the supply dwindles as working-age populations grow older and boomers retire. There is greater power for individual employees to exercise personal choice regarding the type of work they do and for whom they do it. Attracting and retaining skilled, knowledge-based talent will be a key competitive differentiator in the coming years. In fact, talent is likely to be the only sustainable differentiator.

Succession planning is at the core of strategic, long-term, organizational viability. Aligning talent with business strategy in this way enhances the prospects of delivering on short-and long-term objectives. Having a solid, systemic approach to succession management is essential for organizational growth and sustainability.

“During times of rapid change, many organizations put less energy and focus on succession management. How do you plan when the future is unclear or uncertain? Today’s succession management processes need to engage and challenge our leaders to look towards the future and the roles that will likely emerge.” Said Sharon Hartman Director of Talent Management at Illumina.

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