Innovative Ways to Leverage Social Media for Your Advanced Recruiting Needs

25 Apr 2014

Social recruitment, the practice of using social networks to match job openings to job seekers, is blowing the doors off of the recruitment models of the past and presenting organizations with the means to advance traditional recruiting elements like sourcing, selecting, hiring and branding to new levels. It’s use is growing exponentially and utilizing platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and even Pinterest, have shown that an online community is not only imperative for recruiting, but it can be built and managed almost anywhere to reach the audience you want, even on platforms that weren’t built with recruiting in mind!

As TMA prepares for the 2014 Social Recruiting event in New York City, I have had the opportunity to connect with our membership and industry thought leaders to hear some exciting and innovative social and mobile recruiting strategies to attract, engage and retain top talent. In these conversations, I was given some valuable advice for navigating the complex and ever-expanding social sphere and had a chance to hear the pressing challenges and questions that talent acquisition practitioners are facing. Here are a few things I learned:

The ever-growing number of social networking platforms and social tools serve as hard evidence of the scope and power that social technology offers, but for businesses wishing to tap into the social realm, there is no user manual.

There are many questions that talent acquisition professionals are searching for answers for like – Where do you begin? Which sites have the best talent attached to them and how can they be reached? How do you collect real data to support the investment of time and money into social? Do new media channels such as Instagram or Pinterest yield results?

Emerging Social Media Platforms for Recruiting

It comes as no surprise that the professional networking site LinkedIn is on top when it comes to sheer quantity of candidates. Facebook and Twitter have been around for years and are often the first sites that companies begin with when starting a recruitment strategy. Although these sites have dominated the industry since the social recruiting boom, I am learning that it is only the truly innovative recruiters armed with an advanced social media strategy that are reaching beyond the standard platforms, and into emerging social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. It is easy to discount the potential of new media channels like Pinterest or Instagram from a talent acquisition standpoint simply because they are not designed as a people-centric recruiting tool. A shortsighted assessment will show these platforms as low-volume sources unable to yield valuable results- and not worth the time or effort. However, companies such as Sodexo are using Pinterest successfully to develop their employment brand, grow a talent community and drive traffic to their career sites. Chloe Rada, Senior Marketing Manager of Talent Acquisition for Sodexo will join us at our event in July to share with us how exactly they use Pinterest.

The argument for bolstering your recruiting strategy with fresh practices and sources starts off with the simple idea that innovative talent seeks signs of innovation in the employment brand as well as in the recruiting process. In order to be a strategic recruiting function, it is critical to look beyond the short-term goal of filling reqs, and instead aim to reinforce your employment brand and reach innovative talent.

Let’s take a look at some other sites, who is using them, and what they will share at the event:
Google+ is growing at five times the speed of LinkedIn and evolving into a useful platform for recruiting and job search, as well as other business applications including marketing and customer service. Recruiters and job seekers alike find value in its versatile Hangouts and Communities, and it is an essential part of building your personal, employer and company brand. Katrina Collier, Speaker, Trainer & Writer on the use of all Social Media for Recruitment & Job Search will be visiting us from the UK to share how Google+ can not only be used for sourcing but also for conducting interviews, build communities and integrate the rest of what Google has to offer like Youtube.

Of course we can talk about best and next practices all day long, but what good is it if we aren’t able to gain buy-in from recruiters to use the tools, train them effectively, and integrate social media into their existing workload at a pace that is manageable and effective? We will address all of this with presentations led by subject matter experts such as Michelle Amici, Senior Talent Acquisition Lead, Operations & Technical Services, NBCUniversal, Inc., Shannon Smedstad, HR Social Media & Employer Brand Leader, GEICO, Evan Guzman, Head of Military Programs and Veteran Affairs, Global Talent Acquisition, Verizon Corporate, Ashley Cheretes, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist, Social Media, Avis Budget Group, Larry Jacobson, Director Global Technology Talent Acquisition, Vistaprint and many more.

What do you think? Which sites are you using for talent acquisition? Which would you like to use but aren’t sure how to start? What are your biggest challenges? I would love to hear from you, please feel free to email me anytime at amanda@the-tma.org or add me on LinkedIn! I hope to see you in NYC!