People in Energy USA event

Talent Management Alliance People in Energy Summit

21 Apr 2014

People in Energy USA event

Talent Management Alliance (TMA) has shared additional details about its upcoming 2014 People in Energy Summit. This will be TMA’s fifth annual summit for the Energy industry and the chosen venue this time is The Houstonian Hotel in Houston Texas. The conference will be a full three day program taking place November 17th -19th, 2014. The event is expecting to convene approximately 300 human capital executives in oil, gas and energy and will feature insightful practitioner led sessions that will address innovative recruiting, accelerated employee development and other talent management issues facing the Global Energy Industry.

This year, the event will also host two high impact keynote speakers: Dave Logan will deliver his provocative take on organizational culture during his presentation “Tribal Leadership”. A favourite from last year’s line-up and TED superstar, Dave is back by popular demand.  Also in the keynote faculty this year is Seth Mattison, Seth is a renowned millennial specialist and consultand in the area of generational workplace dynamics, an issue that is close to the heart of HR professionals in this industry. During his session, Seth will share insights on building the “Next Generation Workplace”, one that is more flexible, inclusive and engaging for all generations represented in the energy workforce of today.

At a time when technological innovation and globalization are ushering in a new era of industry growth, large segments of the workforce are reaching retirement age, and with potential recruits from educational institutions remaining scarce; the competition for talent in the energy marketplace can now be as significant as the focus to find new resources.

The 5th Annual People in Energy Summit’s speaking faculty will bring together over 20 thought leaders who will present a number of interactive sessions focusing on critical talent matters such as Attracting & Developing High Potential Employees, the current state of Engineering education, Knowledge management and transfer, Measuring and managing engagement and Workforce globalization, among others.

Energy companies are clearly aware that the Big Crew Change is now here, and that the only way the industry will survive it is through proactive talent development, rigorous knowledge management and the use of new technologies and renewed organizational structure to engage and develop the millennial workforce,” said Tanisha Campbell, Talent Management Alliance’s content director and event producer.

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