Talent Management Alliance HR Business Partner Strategy Event

HR Business Partner Strategy Event

Talent Management Alliance (TMA), has shared additional details about its upcoming 2014 HR Business Partner Strategy Event. Held at the Palomar Hotel in San Diego California, from October 28th-30th, 2014. The inaugural 2014 HR Business Partner Strategy Event will feature practitioners and thought leaders who will share case studies about the strategic challenges HR Business Partners face.

Speakers include: Brian Jenkins, HR Business Partner, PPS Managed Services at Hewlett-Packard, Laurie Ruettimann, HR Thought Leader & Writer, Jeff Reid, Senior Vice President and Senior HR Business Partner at BOK Financial (BOKF), Kenneth A. Finneran, Chief People Officer – Americas at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Inc., Katee Van Horn, Director, HR Business Partner and Employee Relations Teams at GoDaddy, Mark Fernandes, Chief Leadership Officer at Luck Companies, Telaireus “T.K.” Herrin, Human Resources Director and HR Business Partner at Covidien Neurovascular, Robin Schooling, HR Thought Leader, Strategist and Managing Director at Silver Zebras LLC, Bill Glaves, HR Business Partner at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Michael Manning, Acting Principal Manager of Human Resources Shared Services Division at Southern California Edison (SCE), Janis Avila, Vice President and Senior HR Business Partner at Union Bank, Corey Sullivan, Senior HR Business Partner at FireEye Inc. and Tawanda Starms, Senior HR Business Partner at Thales Group.

The responsibilities of a HR Business Partner (HRBP) have evolved tremendously over the last 10 to 20 years – from having the sole responsibility of hiring and terminating employees, to being a strategic partner linked to the business strategy of the organization. HRBPs are now responsible for aligning people to strategy, creating the right culture and developing future organizational capabilities that are critical for success.

Strategic Partnering, Coaching and Communication:
HRBPs have to think and see things out-of-the-box and from more than one vantage point, not just what is good for one aspect of the business, but the entire organization. They must constantly think about what will take the organization to the next level and how to get there. Then, they must also help business leaders and stakeholders align their business units to meet their goals, all the while coaching executives and people managers who are on different levels of the organizational ladder than they are. Creating solid and effective partnerships is imperative to the HR professional’s success. 

Change Management:
Change is inevitable and this could not be truer than within the HR realm. Sometimes this could be doing more with less or this could equate to process improvement or removing something altogether. HRBPs have the responsibility within the change management process to start recognizing the changes in the broader business environment, communicating with leaders, developing the necessary adjustments for organizational needs, training their employees on the appropriate changes and lastly winning the support of the employees with the persuasiveness of the appropriate adjustments.

HRBPs are now responsible for aligning people to strategy, creating the right culture and developing future organizational capabilities that are critical for success, a much different picture than 20 years ago when HR was primarily a tactical role.

“Our interviews with over 75 HR Business Partners revealed to us that the major challenges facing HRBPs today include: how to build strategic partnerships, how to enhance executive coaching capabilities, and how to support the business through change effectively, which is what we will focus on at this year's event.” said Amanda Lewis, Talent Management Alliance’s content director.

Additional information about the 2014 The HR Business Partner Strategy Event, including registration details, can be accessed at http://the-tma.org/hr-business-partner/

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