aperian global webcast talent development for challenging locations

Partner Webcast: Talent Development for Challenging Locations

aperian global webcast talent development for challenging locations
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Energy multinationals operating in challenging parts of the world where infrastructure is developing, government processes are not yet mature, and the geopolitical situation may be unstable, require unique planning. These companies must leverage both local national talent and employees from other countries working together. Aperian Global’s Developing Talent for Challenging Locations uses case studies to address key challenges and best practices for:

  • Successfully developing talent for challenging locales
  • Creating practical approaches that organizations can take to mitigate some of these risks
  • Developing strategies that ensure high-impact results

Webcast link: www.aperianglobal.com/clientfiles/webinars/201304taldev
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Aperian Global is a partner in our People in Energy East 2014 event

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