people energy canada conference

Talent Management Alliance People in Energy Canada Event

05 Feb 2014

people energy canada conference

Talent Management Alliance (TMA), today shared additional details about its upcoming 2014 People in Energy Canada Summit. Held at the University of Calgary, from September 16th -17th, 2014. This event attracts over 200 human capital and talent management executives in the US, this year TMA brings one of his biggest events to Canada featuring insightful sessions that will discuss the critical skilled labour shortage that the Oil and Energy Industries are facing throughout Canada.

Both the oil and electric utility sectors in Canada face a critical skilled labour shortage. With Canada’s aging demographic, retirement is becoming an eminent reality all too soon for organizations within the sectors; all the while new, skilled talent continues to prove a difficult find.

Canada has the potential to become a global market leader in the oil and gas sector. With Alberta alone housing over 170 billion barrels of oil and Canada ranking as the third largest natural gas supplier in the world, there is real opportunity for Canada to jump into the global market. But results from the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada’s latest HR Trends and Insights Survey reflect a gross skill shortage which has become a key business issue for organizations in the sector. With conventional gas sources waning, the future lies in developing unconventional gas. Unfortunately the skilled talent needed to develop unconventional gas is hard to come by as boomers are retiring and fewer Gen Y’s are interested in the sector.

Likewise, the utility sector is undergoing transformation, as they work toward providing sustainable and efficient energy. According to the Canadian Electricity Association (CAE), the sector faces immediate and long-term workforce challenges. Some of the major issues that CAE sites is low awareness of career opportunities in the industry and competing against other industries for technical talent.

With both sectors advancing toward the future and providing better, more efficient products and services to customers, the continuing skilled labour shortage is a hindrance to this growth.

“When private sector organizations and educational institutions are able to build strategically-aligned partnerships, the benefits have the potential to be exponential,” says Lyne-Parent Garvey, Chief Human Resources Officer at Hydro Ottawa. “The right partnership can lead to increased enrolment, reduced costs, and improved academic outcomes for colleges or universities – all the while benefitting students with increased employment prospects and program credibility. For employers, this approach can entirely change the way we manage talent by generating culturally-attuned and skilled talent pools, fostering development opportunities that engage existing employees, and opening doors to other avenues for business-focused innovation from the human resources function.” said Lyne Parent-Garvey, Chief Human Resources Officer at Hydro Ottawa.

TMA’s People in Energy Canada Summit will focus on ways to attack the skilled labour shortage for the two sectors. This Summit features over 15 sessions facilitate by industry experts, and thought leaders presenting case studies, best practices, tools, and frameworks on successful recruitment and retention strategies to address the critical skilled labour shortage that the Oil and Energy Industries are facing throughout Canada.

Additional information about the 2014 People in Energy Canada Summit, including registration details, can be accessed at:

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