At Full Velocity: Executive Effectiveness in a Transitory C-Suite

Merryck-at-full-velocityInsuring your effectiveness and longevity as a CEO requires serious reflection on important questions, including:

  • Are you creating an open and honest relationship with your board?
  • Have you established a long-term vision?
  • Are you charting career paths for high-potential executives?
  • Are you relentlessly striving for excellence?

Volatility, change and turnover are facts of life in the C-Suite. Certain factors can be controlled, others cannot.

Continuing personal development in all of its forms, including executive mentoring, is vital to bringing out and developing the best in those employees and in yourself.

Jobs may be rented and not owned, but creating successful organizations filled with productive, engaged people that excel while you’re there and endure after you’re gone – that’s a legacy. Read more.

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