Quality Patient Care Begins with Quality Employees

02 Oct 2013

quality-patient-careFor healthcare providers, employees are their biggest asset, but can also be their biggest liability. The ability to provide quality healthcare begins with the ability to quickly and confidently identify and hire the most qualified employees. It’s a challenge within the healthcare provider field that gets even more difficult when complying with complex industry regulations regarding hiring and retention.

Fortunately, specialized background screening is now available to healthcare providers to help them more easily address regulatory requirements and quickly focus their hiring resources on the most qualified individuals. An organization that has a high level of screening expertise coupled with the proper credentialing certification can help streamline the process even further. However, properly vetting a prospective employment screening provider includes certifying it can deliver the highest level of healthcare industry expertise, quality data, advanced technology and knowledgeable guidance around compliance.

To provide healthcare executives and compliance officers with fresh insight on important considerations and best practices involved with developing an efficient and effective employment screening solution, this white paper examines:

  • Why employment screening matters
  • Key employment screening program considerations
  • Recommendations for reducing risk

Read the entire white paper.

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