America’s Veterans & the American Workforce

30 Apr 2013

A resource guide to recruiting, engaging and onboarding our returning heroes

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This white paper presents a comprehensive overview of the veterans’ employment and recruiting landscape for both human capital professionals and corporate and government leaders interested in the topic. This wide-ranging discussion touches on the disappointing unemployment rate for veterans of the Iraq-Afghanistan era and suggests a number of reasons why—based on their military training and experience transitioning service members make superb employees in all industries. The authors also provide extensive handy reference guides to best practices in veterans’ employment among allAmerican industries. HR leaders will find helpful advice here on establishing their own programs, as well as an extensive bibliography of commentaries and research summaries on this important topic.

By providing a top-level overview of this complex landscape and pointing our readers to what we believe are the most helpful resources in the veterans’ recruiting arena, we have attempted to create a useful, everyday tool for companies and organizations nationwide. For government agencies not yet accomplished at recruiting and integrating veterans in large numbers, we intend this article as a helpful guide to getting practical and productive programs on the rails.

What you will learn…

  • Why most of our returning military men and women are particularly qualified for jobs in both the private and public sectors.
  • How government, despite budget concerns and the possibility of sequestration, is doing its part to lead the way in recruiting and on-boarding transitioning service members.
  • How a number of corporate leaders have mounted nationally successful programs to attract and hire our returning heroes, and to integrate them into their workforces.
  • Why other companies, primarily small businesses,sometimes seem to fall short in recruiting veterans, or even shy away from making serious efforts to do so.
  • How government agencies and companies can start—or recharge—their own veterans’ recruiting programs.
  • How to locate best practice models in government and private industry for ideas and inspiration for veterans’ employment programs.
  • Where to go online to discover more about this critical human capital area.

To read the full white paper, please download it here.

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