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In looking at the social, economic and business challenges facing us nationally and globally, there is no doubt that diversity is a pre-requisite to the success of our businesses.

As the war for talent intensifies, our ability to attract and develop the best talent will continue to be critical. In addition, we know that when different people with different skills, backgrounds, and different perspectives collaborate, it enables new ideas and better problem-solving. As the business and social landscape becomes more complex and ambiguous, this will allow us to serve our clients more effectively.

We are living in an increasingly VUCA world: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous – a scenario that makes it difficult to predict the future with any precision. We can be certain, however, about some of the underlying shifts that are taking place. Some of these shifts are developing slowly and can only be seen by looking at trend indicators over a sustained period. Others are happening with speed and are visible to the naked eye. Slow or fast, their combined impact on organizations will be profound.

In order to survive in a VUCA world, it is imperative that organizations are agile and innovative, by accessing creativity, connectivity and collective wisdom. Often, what blocks the organization from innovation is bias and lack of openness at the individual, team or corporate level. Inability to work with difference leads to stagnation. This is where the work of diversity and inclusion becomes critical to business success. It is not about a superficial or statistical link between “diversity” and “profit”. It is about noticing the obvious: that as the world becomes more connected, inter-dependent and unpredictable, and we will have to rely on our relationships

This brings a new requirement for organizations to consider themselves as social / global citizens. They are part of the cultural eco-system. They are potentially affected by everything and they have the potential to impact everything that goes on in society around them.

As organizations realize they are participants in a knowledge economy, diversity of ideas becomes one of the most powerful tools in the toolkit, and you only get that through embracing the diversity of people and creating an inclusive culture. In high performing teams individuals have high levels of confidence in being able to speak-up, and they feel inspired. This is because uplift in performance is, at its core, a story of trust and empowerment. When people are confident to speak-up without fear of embarrassment, and when they feel inspired to do their “best work” because of their ability to combine diverse ideas, the conditions for improved collaboration, innovation, customer service and employee engagement are set.

TMA’s 5th Annual Inclusion Summit will explore how diversity and inclusion can retain strategic value in our organizations, as they face an increasing amount of external and internal change forces.

Join a high level faculty of D&I leaders as they discuss:
• The impact of societal events in diversity & inclusion strategies
• Diversity & inclusion's role in attracting and engaging talent
• The nuances of D&I in a digital world
• The strategic role of allies in driving diversity and inclusion
• D&I's bottom line impact
• How Millennials are transforming the role of D&I