DAY ONE | JULY 12, 2017

8:15-8:30 |Chairman’s Welcome

Kevin Rutherford, Chief Talent Officer, TalentLeap

8:30-9:15 |The Future of Learning: Learning and Innovation Stories from Around The World

Kimo Kippen, VP of Global Workforce Initiatives for Hilton, Hilton Worldwide | 2015 CLO of the Year

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Reserved for Cornerstone on Demand
10:00-10:30 | Break
10:30-11:15 | Reserved for Doublestar Inc.
11:15-12:00 | Ensuring Leadership Readiness at Facebook

Keami D. Lewis, Head of Manager Development, Facebook

12:00-1:00 | Lunch
Room  A
Room B
1:00-1:45 | To Be Announced 1:00-1:45 | Developing and Retaining Millenial Talent

Paul Salazar, Director of Recruitment, TextNow, Inc.

1:45-1:50 | Room Change

1:50-2:35 | Auditing Culture and Aligning it with Your Company’s Mission

Kevin Finke, Culture Transformation Catalyst, NCR Corporation

1:50-2:35 | Leverage “No & Low” Cost Tools and Techniques to Quickly Address Organizational Needs

Zachary Nichol, HR Metrics Analyst, Human Resources, City of Hamilton

2:35-3:05 | Break
3:05-3:50 | To Be Announced 3:05-3:50 | Streamline Change Management Strategies by Making the Business More “Change Agile”
3:50-3:55 | Room Change
3:55-4:40 | From Hierarchies to Teams: Restructuring your Organizational Design

Kevin Rutherford, Founder, TalentLeap

3:55-4:40 | Best-in-Class Culture, Recruiting, and Loyalty in a Highly Volatile Industry

Corrine Bratton, Director Human Resources, GAL Aerospace Corp.

4:40-4:45 | BACK TO ROOM A
4:45-5:00 | Wrap Up of Day One
5:00-6:00 | Cocktail Reception

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DAY TWO |  JULY 13, 2017

8:15-8:30 | Chairman’s Welcome

Kevin Rutherford, Chief Talent Officer, TalentLeap

8:30-9:15 | How HR and Talent Management Can Drive Engagement and Create a Positive Culture

Christina McClung, Head of Human Resources, Canada, Capital One

9:15-10:00 | To Be Announced
10:00-10:30 | Break
10:30-11:15 | The Complete Employee Experience: Why Beedie Development Group was Voted One of the “Best Workplaces in Canada” for Two Years

Kate Nova, VP of HR, Beedie Development Group

11:15-12:00 | Creating More Meaningful Employee Interactions

Jennifer Dudeck, Global Leader & Team Development Leader, Cisco System

Scott Herpolsheimer, Director, Leadership and Team Intelligence at Cisco

12:00-1:00 | Lunch
Room A
Room B
1:00-2:35 | HANDS ON LAB: The World Café - Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations That Matter

Barb Eddy, Senior Director, Human Resources Eastern Canada, Canada Cartage System LP

1:00-1:45 | Employer Branding Strategies to Differentiate You from the Competition
1:45-1:50 | ROOM CHANGE
1:50-2:35 | Using Brand Ambassadors for Candidate Attraction

Sophia Jackson, Director of Talent Acquisition, TELUS Communications

2:35-3:05 | Break
3:05-3:50 | Leveraging Data to Identify High Potentials and Create Development Plans 3:05-3:50 | How GE Transportation Used Job Structures to Improve Workforce Planning and Compensation Planning

Joe DeConno, Senior Manager HR Operations, Payroll & Workforce Planning, GE Transportation

3:50-3:55 | Room Change
3:55-4:40 | Technologies to Help with HR, Managing the Workforce, and Increasing Productivity 3:55-4:40 | Develop an Internal Pipeline of Talent with Succession Planning
4:40-4:45 | Back to Room a Back
4:45-5:00 | Conference Wrap Up


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