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Upscale Your Candidate Interviews: Cut out the Noise & Focus on the Right Questions

Dr. Mia Mulrennan, I/O Psychologist, President and Chief Motivations Mapper, Rave-Worthy

Candidates will always (hopefully) put their best foot forward when interviewing for a prospective job they are interested in. On paper, and possibly in person, they will appear to be your next super-star and you would never hire someone you thought couldn’t perform.

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Kevin Rutherford

Healthcare in 2016: Building a Targeted Talent Acquisition Strategy to Combat Looming Challenges

Kevin Rutherford, Chief Talent Officer

The US healthcare market is undergoing unprecedented regulatory, financial and competitive disruption. Care providers’ roles are changing rapidly, and mainstay healthcare delivery strategies that were successful in the past will not suffice in the future.

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