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Dan Schawbel

Generation Z: Understanding The Next Generation of Worker

Dan Schawbel, Managing Partner,
Millennial Branding

Having grown up post 9/11, in the wake of the great recession and always connected online, Gen Z is an emerging group that your entire company needs to understand, from HR to marketing. Gen Z represents 23 million Americans born between 1994 and 2010.

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Alex Putnam

How Big is Your Social Footprint and How Does it Affect Your Personal Brand?

Alex Putman, Founder of MUZE and Former Director of Employer Branding

It’s clear that the paradigm shift between social media as a means to catch up with buddies to a resume list companies pull from is moving fast – scary fast! But before you start folding your resume into paper airplanes just yet, there is a way to stay ahead of the curve and actually land a great gig.

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Recent Articles

Inclusion Sold Separately

A lot of organizations treat inclusion like its sold separately. You’ve taken the time to pull together a diverse team, but until you effectively include those team members into the organization, you wont enjoy the benefits of the diversity. It’s like having an amazing gift that requires batteries, without the batteries.

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Talent Management Alliance: Google Joins Programme for European Human Capital Analytics Summit

TMA’s Human Capital (HR) Analytics conference, taking place on the 3rd& 4th September, 2014 at the DoubleTree By Hilton in London, will explore best practice approaches for HR functions to build their analytics capabilities to provide meaningful insights for business decisions integrate talent into strategy and demonstrate the real value of their talent.

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Talent Management Alliance Succession Planning Summit

Talent Management Alliance’s Succession Planning Summit, will examine the evolution of succession planning as we reveal how a number of best practice organizations are leading the way. Industry experts will share their experiences within the areas of workforce planning, career management, leadership development, high impact technologies, high potential assessment & development, and learning & development that can drive increased productivity and business excellence in your organization.

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